Breast augmentation surgery, the famous Breast implants, increases or restores the size of the breast using silicone’s implants. It is the most performed cosmetic surgery in the world and one of the surgeries we perform the most here in Brasilia. Contrary to what many people think, breast augmentation with silicone does not bring risks for breastfeeding or in the detection of breast cancer.

Silicone can be placed below or above the muscle. The dual plane is a plan in which the upper part of the implant is below the muscle and the lower part below the gland, with the benefits of both techniques.

The choice of the type and size of the implants are made in a personalized way, based on the breast and chest measurements, the patient's height, the distance between areolas, the skin elasticity, the muscle strength, the amount of breast, among other technical details.

To help you choose and visualize your likely result from the breast augmentation surgery, we use a 3D image analysis program that helps you study the breast changes and do a small test of implants volumes ("simulation" in 3 dimensions), to decide together the most indicated silicone’s implants for you.

When there is no need for Mammoplasty (to reduce the size of the breast) or Mastopexy (removal of sagging skin), we can do Fast Track Recovery (R24R) breast augmentation with Recovery in 24 hours for basic activities.


Silicone implants with a 24-hour recovery (R24R) - Fast track recovery

Fast track recovery (R24R) were described more than 20 years ago by John Tebbetts, MD, in Dallas, USA. Tebbetts is one of the world's leading authorities on breast surgery.

In R24R breast augmentation, patients can move their arms immediately after surgery and do not have to sleep in the hospital on the day of surgery. In addition, they are free to do basic activities that do not involve much effort, such as driving an automatic car, washing their own hair, holding weights of 5 to 10 kilograms, and doing other routine activities after 24 hours of surgery.

Learn more about fast track recovery and the R24R protocol:

Protocol and safety of the R24R technique:

  • Instructing the patient before surgery about the protocol;
  • Appropriate choice of prosthesis (according to the patient's measurements);
  • Anesthesia without the feeling of a " hangover": total venous anesthesia for faster recovery;
  • Meticulous surgical technique for less bleeding, less trauma to the breast, and consequently less pain (it is necessary to use a funnel to place the silicone implant and other special materials);
  • Specific post-surgery medicat ons;
  • Muscle relaxation exercises;
  • At R24R, the silicone implants are placed under the muscle in a plane called "Grip Plane", which is a modified Dual Plane, an evolution of the dual plane, perfected by Dr. Thiago Cavalcanti, with whom I had the pleasure of taking the R24R course in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Modern Techniques

Internal Bra

Internal Bra

The famous internal bra is not a surgery but a technical detail that we use in breast surgeries. It is performed by us, Cplasticabrasilia, in all breast surgeries to deeply affix the breast crease and give support to the breast tissue or breast silicone implants. It consists of a reinforcement of the breast crease close to the deep musculature made with specific threads (barbed threads) in several layers. Thus, the breast tissue or the silicone implants has a support that helps prevent stretching and displacement of the lower part of the breast. The internal bra does NOT lift the breast, but rather provides a lower support (like a hoop of a bra) helping to hold (maintain) the breast in the location we want.



The use of the Funnel to Put in the breast implants silicone is part of the “14 safety points” first published in 2013. The main benefits of the funnel are to decrease the contact of the silicone implants with the skin, decrease the risk of bacterial contamination, decrease the trauma of the insertion of the breast implants by introducing its in a less traumatic way, and decrease the possibility of rupture (breakage) of the implants’s silicone gel.

Muscle support strap: Ono's strap

Muscle support strap: "Ono's strap

It is a technical detail performed when the implant is placed in the submuscular plane or Dual Plane, in which a strip of muscle is preserved in its inferior and lateral portion in order to offer greater support to the implant, reducing the risk of lateral and downward displacement.  

Hybrid or Composite Breast Surgery

Hybrid or Composite Breast Surgery

It refers to a breast augmentation surgery with silicone, or even a mastopexy with a silicone implant plus fat grafting to improve the contour of the breasts, bringing them closer together, which we call breast cleavage. Fat grafting alone (without mastopexy or the inclusion of silicone implants) has limited results in breast augmentation, but when associated, it helps a great deal in the details and refinement of the surgery.

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