Buttock Implants

The gluteal region is formed by the constitutional characteristics of each individual, composed of muscles, adipose tissue (fat), and skin wrapping. Each person has a type of composition of the gluteal region, as well as an evolution of local flaccidity with age and after variations in weight and lifestyle (diet and exercise).

The buttock implant is used to increase the projection and improve the contour of the region. We must pay attention to the particularities of each case because it is a region that involves many characteristics that go from the flank region to the lower back, and many times it is necessary to combine liposuction and lipografting.

Silicone’s implants for the gluteal region is placed intramuscularly to increase volume and projection without being visible. An important tip is to remember that many times we can increase the gluteal region only with liposuction of the lower back (body contouring) and fat grafts obtained in liposuction with excellent results, without the need to use implants.