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Juntos temos um propósito de vida We are TWO

We are two MD, Plastics Surgeans, Cristian Haesbaert and Raquel Camelo, and we were born with the mission to transform lives, people and relationships. We met and fell in love in an OR (Operation Room), since then, we walk TOGETHER (literally) in our personal and professional lives.

Sob o olhar atento de 2 cirurgiões, prezamos pela segurança e resultado de nossos pacientes. Essence

Care and attention for each patient are some of the characteristics that brought us together. Convictions such as "putting ourselves in the shoes of others" have definitely brought us together. This is our essence.

Sob o olhar atento de 2 cirurgiões, prezamos pela segurança e resultado de nossos pacientes. Safety is the most important thing

Under the careful eyes of two surgeons, we value the safety and results of our patients.

Sob o olhar atento de 2 cirurgiões, prezamos pela segurança e resultado de nossos pacientes. Perfect Combination

This combination usually produces the excellent results, what we and our patients desire.

Where it all began

Body contouring plastic surgery

Cristian & Raquel & Patient. This is the meaning of our logo. Join this alliance.

Our Dedication to Liposuction

High Definition Liposuction High Definition Liposuction (LipoHD)

The High Definition Liposuction (LipoHD) or definition liposuction is a technical evolution of liposuction recommended for patients with an Healthy lifestyle. Men or women who wants a body with more muscle definition.

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Abdominoplasty Abdominoplasty

The abdominoplasty and its variation, the mini-abdominoplasty occupy the third place among the most performed plastic surgeries in Brazil; There are about 80 thousand procedures performed every year.

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protese de gluteo Buttock Implants

The gluteal region has an individual's constitutional characteristics by each person. Consisting of musculature, adipose tissue (fat) and skin.

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Techniques and Technologies for Liposuction

Renuvion High Definition Liposuction Renuvion High Definition Liposuction

Renuvion is a device with a high capacity to tighten the skin and, thus, reduce flaccidity. It is a very versatile technology with great success in the world of plastic surgeries worldwide. We have such technology at Cplasticabrasilia and the important certification for its use. We often combine it with other technologies, such as Vibrolipo and VaserLipo (used for a liposuction). Our patients who undergo liposuction or High Definition Liposuction can combine Renuvion to improve the quality of the skin (flaccidity treatment), enhancing, even more, their muscle definition. We consider it an excellent combination: High Definition Liposuction (surgical technique) with the application of Renuvion (technology).

Technologies from Liposuction Technologies from Liposuction

Technologies in plastic surgery are in constant evolution and we at CPlástica Brasilia, focusing on body contouring surgeries, are always on the watch. Liposuction has changed a great deal in the last few years and is no longer a surgery just for the removal of localized fat.

Among the technologies in liposuction is the vibration of the cannula used for liposuction, with different brands of vibroliposuction in the market (Ex: vibrolipo or vibrofit) that contribute to reduce surgical damage, the surgeon's effort and the surgery time, bringing more safety to the procedure.

Our Passion for Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery, the famous surgery with silicone implants, increases or restores the size of the breast using silicone implants. It is the most performed cosmetic surgery in the world and one of the most performed surgeries here in Brasília.

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Mastopexy Mastopexy

Mastopexy with silicone implants, also called a mammoplasty or breast lifting, changes the breast's appearance by lifting and repositioning (and, if necessary, shrinking) the breast tissue, and the nipples are relocated to an ideal position, reshaping the breasts and their contour.

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Modern Techniques in Breast Plastic Surgery

Internal Bra Internal Bra

The famous internal bra is not a surgery but a technical detail that we use in breast surgeries. It is performed by us, Cplasticabrasilia, in all breast surgeries to deeply affix the breast crease and give support to the breast tissue or breast silicone implants. It consists of a reinforcement of the breast crease close to the deep musculature made with specific threads (barbed threads) in several layers. Thus, the breast tissue or the silicone implants has a support that helps prevent stretching and displacement of the lower part of the breast. The internal bra does NOT lift the breast, but rather provides a lower support (like a hoop of a bra) helping to hold (maintain) the breast in the location we want.

Funnel Funnel

The use of the Funnel to Put in the breast implants silicone is part of the “14 safety points” first published in 2013. The main benefits of the funnel are to decrease the contact of the silicone implants with the skin, decrease the risk of bacterial contamination, decrease the trauma of the insertion of the breast implants by introducing its in a less traumatic way, and decrease the possibility of rupture (breakage) of the implants’s silicone gel.

Muscle support strap: Ono's strap Muscle support strap: "Ono's strap

It is a technical detail performed when the implant is placed in the submuscular plane or Dual Plane, in which a strip of muscle is preserved in its inferior and lateral portion in order to offer greater support to the implant, reducing the risk of lateral and downward displacement.  

Hybrid or Composite Breast Surgery Hybrid or Composite Breast Surgery

It refers to a breast augmentation surgery with silicone, or even a mastopexy with a silicone implant plus fat grafting to improve the contour of the breasts, bringing them closer together, which we call breast cleavage. Fat grafting alone (without mastopexy or the inclusion of silicone implants) has limited results in breast augmentation, but when associated, it helps a great deal in the details and refinement of the surgery.

Nosso Espaço, Nossa Paixão

clinica de cirurgia plática em brasilia
clinica de cirurgia plática em brasilia
clinica de cirurgia plática em brasilia
clinica de cirurgia plática em brasilia
clinica de cirurgia plática em brasilia
clinica de cirurgia plática em brasilia
clinica de cirurgia plática em brasilia
clinica de cirurgia plática em brasilia

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Cristian Haesbaert & Raquel Camelo

Brasília was the capital chosen by Plastic Surgeons Cristian Haesbaert and Raquel Camelo. A city that arose from the imagination of a pair, Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, the capital also holds the title of creative city of design. The history, aesthetics, and lifestyle of the city attracted the duo (and couple) of surgeons who seek to transform bodies into works of art with the purpose of "Transforming lives, people, and relationships".

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